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Preferred Partners

Six Month Smiles participates with other organizations who support its educational objectives through a sponsorship relationship. These organizations may be promoted and/or will exhibit during the Provider Training Course.

BISCO Platinum Sponsor

At BISCO “Adhesion is our passion” and we are dedicated to understanding and improving the bond. We proudly manufacture our materials in the United States and we understand that product quality, consistency and freshness are of great importance. Our core values continue to guide us into the future and we promise to support you and your patients with only superior restorative materials.

Smile Reminder Platinum Sponsor

Patient Relationship Management​: ​Solutionreach is a provider-led, cloud-based platform that revolutionizes patient relationships and optimizes the patient experience. By delivering the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, you make every patient the only​ ​patient. It's Revolutionary Healthcare!

Compassionate Finance Platinum Sponsor

Compassionate Finance™ is an innovative patient-financing company that was created with the simple mission: break down the financial barriers between patients and their doctors. Compassionate Finance™ has helped more than 50,000 patients receive the treatment they need and deserve. Created by an industry-leading expert, Compassionate Finance has transformed the way patients pay for their dental procedures while allowing doctors to earn up to 15% more than traditional patient finance options.

Kulzer Platinum Sponsor

Kulzer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental materials. Venus Pearl, manufactured by Kulzer in Germany, is the number 1 selling composite in the UK. The main 3 reasons are high strength, great colour matching and non-sticky creamy handling. When finishing SMS cases, the last situation any clinician needs is for a patient to return with chipped or fractured composites. As Venus Pearl is mechanically, a class-leading material, there is far less chance of re-appointments due to material deficiencies.

Kulzer also lead the way in impression materials. Accuracy and stability of impression is vital for any prosthetic procedure. Xantasil is the alginate-alternative material of choice for stability. This A-silicone material is more cost effective than the precision A-silicones and specifically designed for orthodontic cases where postage to SMS is involved. It offers much higher accuracy than alginate and is completely stable. Alternatively, choose Provil or Flexitime when you feel you want the finest detail and precision. Provil sets fast whereas Flexitime, as the name suggests, offers a little more working time when required. Both materials can also be used for crown & bridge as well as implant impressions.

PreVu Platinum Sponsor

PreVu is an easy-to-use treatment simulation software to increase case acceptance, especially for treatment plans that require an out-of-pocket payment. PreVu provides patients with a vision of their treatment outcome, and a personalized practice-branded visual aid to share that will increase word-of-mouth referrals.

PreVu Dental can be used to simulate procedures, including whitening, orthodontics, gingival grafting & recontouring, cosmetic bonding, bridges and implants, posterior restorations, Botox® and lip augmentation, as well as a full mouth smile makeover.

Click here to find out how your patients can benefit from PreVu.

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